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backtagging yes! i can be slow at times or boomerang other times, and i definitely understand that real life > rp.
threadhopping sure? ask me though.
fourthwalling absolutely not.
offensive subjects he's a walking offensive subject. go for it.


physical contact yes.
romance if you'd like your character to fall for him that's just fine, but he won't be able to return the sentiment.
fighting definitely; let me know and we can discuss it. if that's what the meme is for, go ham.
injuries or death come at me, bro. let's talk about it first unless, again, that's what the meme is for.
timeline malleable: generally post-escaping MACUSA prison after the events of fantastic beasts, but can absolutely wiggle on that.


gellert/albus ✔✔✔ absolutely. this is naturally my favorite: he'll do anything to get albus back on his side.
gellert/credence ✘/✔ i will write this with a very specific caveat: gellert is only doing this for manipulation; it won't be romanticized even if he acts kind at times.
gellert/newt i'm ... interested in this? i've never played it but i'm intrigued by it as a concept. if you'd like to explore it, let's talk.
gellert/other characters he's super into using love as a means to get what he wants. time shenanigans are canon in hp, so generational gaps/cross-canon are all up for grabs.
gellert/underage characters ✘✘✘ gellert is absolutely predatory and will use age gaps to his advantage but underage characters are a hard no from me. huge gaps: yes. characters under 18: no.


• gellert is a villain. he is the BIG villain before voldemort. he is manipulative and violent and incapable of normal human emotions and is capable of horrible things on the quest to get what he wants. in a "romantic" setting he will become possessive and obsessed. he is not a good person. because of all of this, i will absolutely not tag your character if you don't want me to! just let me know and i won't.